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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 11, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> that's it for us here t on "fox and friends" first. keep it right here for the coverage. 9/11 anniversary coverage. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is september lenth, 2012. len years ago after the attack on america the president calls for a moment of silence but didn't call for god . some people are asking why god is left out again. >> steve: the white house has good news just in time for the election. >> we have been gradually pulling ourselves out of the hole. >> steve: oh, really? we are out of the hole, is that right. we'll look at the numbers and they are shocking. >> brian: and the wrestling
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event gets too real. this is not part of tonight's entertainment. this is a real life situation . my broadcast partner earlier collapsed . the latest on jerry lawler's condition. we'll tell you you more now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ ♪ o beautiful for spacious skies. >> steve: it sure is pretty down there. you are looking at the memorial down in the world trade center site and lee
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greenwood sings america the beautiful. it is 11 years to the date that changed everything. >> brian: it is starting to shape up. for the longest time it was politicians and what developer was getting how much insurance money. they are finally coming to an agreement between the state and city in building the museum on 9/11. >> gretchen: it just seemed like we were down there yesterday for the 10th anniversary and then it seemed how could it possibly be 10 years. but still remembering and throughout the show today we'll play you the videotape of len years ago today . that will happen at 8:20 eastern time. we'll have coverage and speak to others throughout the broadcast today. >> brian: what strikes me is how much older the kids are getting. i was fascinated to find out there are 3,000 kids under 18
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who lost a parent. when you are that young you can't process what is going on. as they are growing up. they are beginning to realize and thankfully a museum and exhibit down there for people who understand what happened like you have all over washington dc. >> gretchen: al-qaida confirming the senior leader is dead. back in june, the u.s. government announced they had killed him in . and this morning, is the first time al-qaida acknowledged his death. libi was one of the handful of operatives who promoted the case to the militant young. libi escaped a high security prison in afghanistan be you upon. 350,000 students will not learn a thing today in chicago
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because of the teachers striking again today. thousands of toachers and supporters marched to city hall complaining about the valuation students . >> i didn't think they would go this far. it is a poor decision making . everyone felt it was a statement to make and it shows lack of support for the kids. >> gretchen: the district is hopeful for a resolution today. wrestling ladies and gentlemen jerry lawler had a heart attack. his broadcast partner emotional in the moments after. >> typical jerry lawler fashion fought hard and our thoughts and prayers are with you. we'll hope to have more.
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come on, king get through lawler was given cpr on the scene who is 62a years old is breathing on his own. an american revoled wendy rosen voted twoyce in 2006 and 8. she voted in two different straights and not that she voted in 2006 and 8. voting records showed she voted 2006 in the primary. and rosen is not commenting on the charges. >> steve: that is embarrass illegal. americans are gathering to grieve and remember the 3,000 lives lot of 11 years ago. >> you know, stove, it is
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unbelievable it was 11 years ago today the counselry remembers what happened on that tuesday a day like this morning, september 11th. tuesday morning and first flight flew over my head and it was loud and i will remember how it made a bang to the right and moments later slammed in the tower of the world trade center. and the families will have gathered here inurped two hours from now in solemn remembrance of their loved ones. there will be six moments of silence and two when the plane hit the north and south tower. and then for the victims in shanksville and pentagon and victims of the known 93 bombing of the world trade center . it is one of the first islamic attacks. they will read the names was all 289 poem who perished here
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and first time no public officials will attend. they'll not be speaking out. the thought was to give it an intimate feeling it is a place was hope and renewal and inspiration and four and half million people visited the memorial and waterfalls. and it is an overwhelming and powerful place of remembrance of honor. it is the tallest building in our country that should open up in two years. the obsense was the twin towers remind us of the threat that still exist. >> president obama will attend a memorial ceremony in the pentagon that happens today. jennifer is standing by. >> good morning, brian. you can hear the planes taking off behind me over the pent
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early morning and sun about to rise on the pent 11 years ago 8:20 in the morning, american airlines plight to go off at dulles airport and slammed in the pentagon and slicing through three corridors and three rings of the pentagon and killing 125 people on the ground and 184 people are memorialized and the memorial behind me that you can see the lights essentially remembered those 184 poem. and there will be a ceremony here in the pentagon and the president will come here after he and the first lady mark a moment of silence. there will be wreth-laying ceremony and speeches from the secretary and president. and the leon paneta was in
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shanksville, pennsylvania where he remembered the heros of the floit. >> that kind of sacrifice and commitment and dedication, and that kind of courage is what makes this country strong and we damn well better remember that every day. >> in afghanistan, in camp leather necks the marines marked september 11th with a ceremony temperature is interesting to note that many of the young marines were just 7 years old when the 9/11. also there was a helicopter that crashed and as you mentioned, there was a video and audio tape released by zalaria today you had a death notice that one of the top
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al-qaida leaders had been killed in june by a drone strike. different al-qaida than 11 years. >> brian: hopefully we'll not hear from them anyone and just hear from their epithat the. >> gretchen: 40 lanterns honors the crew and members of the flight 93. joe biden will be there and include a moment of silence and then a reading of the names of the victims. and secretary paneta visited the memorial and saying he was grateful to the heros was flight 93 . he called them patriots. >> steve: on this most somber of days, get this, does the president of the united states call on people to pray for those lost, he calls on people to observe a moment of silence
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and then go out and do community service. he calls it patriot day and go and form commupt service. >> gretchen: he does say on the end of it. he signs it in the year of our lord 2012 . god is mentioned there and not in his message to the american people. >> brian: i think it is important and interesting that no politicians are going to see . i heard them say that is not good. it is good to cope politics out of this in the election year. i think that is the mayor's intention . >> steve: i think. just hear from family and friends. and that will start about 8:48 and you will see it live right here on folks news channel. >> gretchen: nightmare for extreme make over. a victim of a car jack his one year old son in the car.
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>> brian: thousands of terrorist being be set free. should we give our keys to the afghan government and should they be letting them go. that's next. ♪ come ♪ come on up for a ride. ♪ come on up. ♪ begin.
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>> gretchen: hamid karzai welcomed the hand over of the american run prison. we are dead locked on a plan for the prisoners who remain inside. afghan prisons are revolving doors to terrorist. >> we have to continue to work to make sure that pursuent to those agreements we continue to detain those who are a threat to their country. >> gretchen: there are thousands of suspected terrorist. can we trust the afghanies to cope them we have tone as our guest this morning. leon paneta said why will make sure the worst of the worst is
3:16 am
in the prison. >> we can't trust them because of what happened with the afghan army the 12 they released, chances are good they'll have recidivism. i spoke with katherine harris about the prisoners out of guantanamo . we can't expect anything different but they will be back on the battlefield. they will be attacking our guys before the year is out. >> gretchen: where do you put the whole situation in afghanistan. you have the afghani military and police that americans train. and they say your training is complete they fire on the americans and kill them. >> that's the issue. we haven't done what is necessary. it is it all political and based on a dead line. the president set up his own
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policy failure when he announced we are going in and coming out. and the diparting in 2014 and enabling and embolding these guys . afghan army guys are freaking and has to do with what is not going to happen. and we don't have a clear understanding of what we achieve. >> gretchen: does it seem that romney/ryan are in step with the 2014. maybe not the details but pretty much. >> withdrawal means different things to different people. many understand the conventional forces have to be out and replace with a antiterrorism policy. they have to come up with a clear policy and show there is day light between the obama administration and the romney administration. there are thippings we being do better. >> gretchen: secretary secretary hilary clinton
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declared the haqqani net work a terrorist group. >> it means they have wider things they can do. it was set up in in the soviet occupation we used the net work now it is being used against us. there is thippings they could do to be more helpful and things to agree with the paks. declaring it now as a terrorist net work is an admission of failure. 10 years to figure it out? and we have to figure out what to do next. they have a prison sergeant birdall is a pawn in ther game by the way we played >> gretchen: thank you very much. did david axelrod pressure gall up. and numbers not so favorable to his guy, the president.
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>> brian: overnight terrorist fired rockets and they destroyed a nato helicopter one day after the u.s. handed over control to the afghans.
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certain it to be a disaster. and a 19 year old student found dead in the chapel hill apartment. faith was murdered and they don't believe it was a random act. she was a biology major and had plans to be a>> steve: remen april . showing romney pulling ahead and got the top campaign advisor of the president david axelrod. gall up is saddled with a method logical problems now months after that. little slam. gall up is hit with an unrelated lawsuit filed by the president's department of justice. coincidence in will the controversy hurt gallup? these numbers were not
3:24 am
favorable to axelrod's boss and called up gall up why don't you come over here and talk about your methodology . it sounds as if he was trying to intim date gallup and so the next time the poll came out it is in their favor. >> that's what gallup thought was going on. they decided not to hear from obama and axelrod and lecture gallup about the class he had in college rather went forward with the same way they have done the sampling very successfully. and from that a few months later, they get hit from a department of the justice a lawsuit which is frightening from the stand point of what i do and thousands of poiling firms that do if we release negative numbers for the president will we be hit with a lawsuit? it is a treasured freedom is
3:25 am
frightening how quickly chicago style politics is to go attack it 92 the department of justice said it is unrelated and the lawsuit alleges that depaulup overcharged for polling that was done. it would send a shiver down the spine of polling. gallup as you explained to me in the commercial. in the early days of the election cycle they generally poll registered vores and adults x. now they are poling likely voters back in april, the methodology that gallup used was what everyone else does. >> it was more favorable to president obama and now likely voterss and the race is tightening from the washington post very standard most polling firms and they vote. and now is it the justice
3:26 am
department coming on to everybody else. it is a former employee of gallup who left who happens to be a former organizer for the obama campaign left and left and the charges started against them it stinks the frightening thing to me is how few journalist and news organization are paying attention. gallup or new york times and folks, and can you imagine the outrage we would have. when they are willing to go after a gallup organization . really the news is what is next to follow. it really is a very frightening thing. >> steve: it is an attack on freedom of the press. >> it is. >> steve: can gallup be trust tod dole out good numbers? >> gagup has done great yob.
3:27 am
maybe with the exception of dewy-beach head lines. they are the gold standard their methodology and stam hing is beyond reproach. wolesee as the election gets closer and numbers tighten up. you will have the obama campaign to continue to attack them. they are again that gold standard that everyone is looking to. and if they show obama drifting behind. it will be something that the obama campaign can be negative toward. >> steve: sir, thank you for sharing your expertise in the polling business. it is a real-life nightmare from a member of the make every. chicago teacher's union caught
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[ malennouncer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> brian: this is time lapse video of the freedom tower being built. it was taken between february 2010 and when the tower is finished later this year it will be 776 feet tall from the bottom to the top of the antenna and the tallest building in the western hemisphere and then the goal will be to lease it out.
3:32 am
>> steve: there are right, white and blue light bulbs on every floor. >> brian: i understand the beams of light will shine like they were on 9/11. >> gretchen: and going up in the chies and in heaven. and now the four years of blame game and mentioned the name george w. bush and not in a good way. the spokesperson was asked about the bad unemployment numbers. >> he said it is not about blame and then, he said this. >> it is it not about blaming. we know that the country was in economic free fall when he took office. and that we were shedding jobs at an alarming rate. 700,000. and 8500,000 jobs a month and that continued because the
3:33 am
recession was in full bloom. once the president's policies having been enacted by congress acted on by the president began to take affect. that free-fall was halted and we have been gradually pulling ourselves out of the hole. >> steve: so he said it was not blame and then he immediately blamed george bush said we are pulling ourselves out of the hole that. is great news. have we really? look at the numbers that are shocking. have we pulled ourselves out of the hoil if 23 million americans are unemployed or stopped working? have we pulled ourselves out of a hole if you look at real rate of unemployment is at 14.7 percent people working part-time because they can't find other work . out of a hole, i don't think so?
3:34 am
>> brian: the fact of the matter is, we started coming out of the recession in june. that was before any stimulus packaged happened the economy was turning around and the worst was over after the housing crash and leman went belly up and the world markets reacted. so the question is, is bill clinton right. could no president turned it around or has the president totally screwed up the economy and promises to do worse over the next four years. >> gretchen: look at what it would look like for one group of people. under president obama more government, and look at what happens to the unemployment rate with regard to government workers. it would drop to 5.1 percent for government workers and the lowest among all industries. 92 and as you look back in the rear view mirror, would that number. and would we have been more
3:35 am
out of the hole had the president of the united states pent more time worrying about unemployment rather than ramming through health care which remains wildly unpopular. >> brian: biggest story is the strike of the chicago's teacher's union. and 400,000 kids and we can't deal and so go doodo something else. we'll give you break fast and lunch but the most part you are on your own in the street was chicago which are the most dangerous streets of the country. >> gretchen: let's look at whether the teachers that are marching down in city hall. do they have something to be triking about in ang salary of chicago teachers is $76,000 a year every dollar set aside for public education in illinois . 71 cents goes to toacher retirement costs. 15 percent are fourth grade
3:36 am
profir yerrent in reading there is only a 60 percent graduation rate. and so once again, this comes down to the argument of whether or not states, specifically illnis whether they can afford the pensions. and not that teachers can deserve it but whether or not states can afford or is it more of a ponzi scheme that crumbles down. it is interesting to compare illinois to wisconsin and how scott walker took on the teacher's unions there today. they are not it is interesting to point out the differences. >> brian: most decided i don't want to do that. and they don't want the evaluation system. it is better to get paid more and they don't like the criteria there. 15 percent of the fourth graders cannot read. what kind of bonus should a teacher get?
3:37 am
in the private world nothing >> steve: 85 percent can't read and only 15 percent are proficient. >> gretchen: that simply is not the case. >> steve: and so when you saw all of the kids yesterday. the president and school board said in chicago last night that he believed they could solve the strike later today x. they are worried about their benefits. in the mean time yesterday, was this despicable were teacher union people using children who had the day off holding signs to make their point? here's a little exchange with one of those young people in the street was chicago yesterday. >> yes. >> what. >> who gavuv that sign. >> some lady.
3:38 am
>> steve: uh-uh. >> gretchen: was that a teacher's child. but turns out 39 percent of the chicago teachers send their kid toz private schools. probably not. it probably was not a teacher's child or maybe not. that child was probably in school at a private school. >> brian: there are two things from that. teachers don't like the public school system and they have enough money to send their children to prived school. >> steve: you know the person i want to hear from is the president of the united states. we heard -- ralm emanuel said we will have to stand against the teacher's union and paul ryan came out in oregon. i stand with my former colleague ralm emanuel because he is on the side of the families. where does the president of the united states stand now. is he on the side of the familis and kids trying to graduate or on the side of the
3:39 am
teacher's union which is the richest union in the united states of america. >> gretchen: look at his record he sends his daughters to private school ask not in favor for the voucher program in washington dc. >> steve: i want hear from him. >> brian: an inmate held in guantanamo is dead. he was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital. the inmate is not named but we know he went on a hunger strike earlier this year and not one of the high profile detaines that includes terrorist that were accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks. >> gretchen: terrifying situation for a reality tv star. a gang member car jacks the car with his one year old in the car. chris powell said his nanny was in the car with his son
3:40 am
cash when a man threatened to kill them if they didn't get out. the suspect jasper stewart got away but not for long. the ipad tracking app led police right to him. >> steve: look at your tv screen. that is a man hanging on to a four by four fishing bin in the middle of the ocean. ryan harris held on when his boat sang . he sang row, row, row your boat and rudolph the red nosed rein deer and he is alive today. >> gretchen: we are back in the football season. monday night football already? >> brian: can you believe it? they had two games. ravens joe plaqueco going deep that should have been a sign for the bengals it would be a
3:41 am
long night and year. that was nice and all over the offense. placo with two touchdowns and ravens 44-13 over cincinnati. sorry bill . and the chargers taking advantage of the series of mistakes by the raider necessary oakland. and 231 your san diego winning. and over oakland. and let's talk tennis and i do it for you, ted. there is a ted that works here and not my invisible friend. fi. -- murray. he is happy right now. murray beating john in the final sets. it was his first grand slam title and he got so close in wimbleton and won a gold medal and a first win for great
3:42 am
britain in 76 years. last one was in church hill. >> gretchen: yoorp the - you were the roll. >> steve: you saw in the stands sean connery. he got emotional. >> gretchen: has a target of the prince harry, are you kidding me? >> brian: and the enemy has our play book. man in charge of september 11, next. i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c. keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at
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>> for the people ofed new york city. and we mourn the loss, of thousands of our citizens. i can hear you. i can hear you and the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings will hear all of us soon.
3:46 am
>> brian: following the september 11 attacks president george w. bush promised justice will be served but is president obama rushing the promise or was the war too long to begin with . we are joined by general michael hayden. and general, are you concerned that we are not getting new intelience with our new policy since 2008? >> in one area we are falling a bit short. we don't detain people you don't detain you don't interrogate them. pepitration and imagery . but one very important thread, we have just not gotten much information from detainees. i am indode concerned about that. we have made it so legally difficult and politically dangerous to detain anybody our option is simply to kill
3:47 am
them. >> brian: the army manual to question them and too controversial and no where to hold them and trying to shut down git more to begin with . >> if we capture them and don't put them in a article three court in the american legal season . it appears that we decide not to capture them. >> you love the fact that we are killing al-qaida and liby and number two is now dead. but makes people wonder if we are safer because the al-qaida brain trust is dying through drone strikes, are we? >> we are. the al-qaida prime and that group that harmed us on the stan tan/border is far less capable today than they were five or 10 years ago. we still have dangers out there though. that group wants a mass
3:48 am
casulty attack they are probably not capable of thamp it doesn't mean they are not capable of attack thars more difficult for us to preven. >> brian: look at what they are doing in syria and able to perpetrate in iraq and we'll not have them two war to keep them occupied, are you concerned they will focus on here like bin laden was in the '90s. >> over the longer term . most of those and four or five franchises as we call them active in the stretch from morocco to bangadesh. they are focused against local targets except one al-qaida in it is arabia peninsula and that group has global pretensions. >> brian: how concerned that are you that something on the
3:49 am
internet inspires machine at home to allow them to be here. >> the longer this war goes on and we'll see insdens of individuals and lone wolf self radicalized through the internet. blessedly we in the united states probably have less of a problem here than our european allies. but it is not zero in the united states. >> brian: general. i am glad you are working in the private sector to keep us safe . thank you for joining us to help find out where we are today. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: latest cnn poll puts the president in the lead . they pool would more democrats and very few independents. and the women who led the u.s. soccer tome to gold was a college student and practicing on the field at rutgers and
3:50 am
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>> gretchen: quick head lines for you now . barely a week in the mission in afghanistan, britain's prince harry is targeted . the would use all of their strength to kidnap or kill him. and a gymist injured in california . macala stumbled back wards and had to be carried off by
3:54 am
medicings moments letter. elle fell and walk off on her own. >> maybe time to make themine. ther making a demitment on september 11 . on 9/11 i will tell my boyfriend brian how much i love him . >> steve: pledging to do something to remember and honor those who lost their lives. joining us is carli lloyd. your picture on the i will campaign. >> brian: 9/11 the attack happens and you were in jersey . >> i remember i was training in rut gers and played four years in rut gerse -- rutgers
3:55 am
and we saw black clouds and smoke i remember seeing it in the sky and we wondered what happened and went back to the dorm rooms and turned on the tvs and that was it. we try tod contact family and friend cell were not working. and it was scary. >> steve: four three or four or five days,iers yeconnecticut and nation came to a stop. >> it was unreal. still 11 years later it is hard to believe. i am proud to be an american and i know that everyone responded great in helping out. and we just got to cherish our loved ones. >> brian: that's what i will campaign. taking a moment to be thankful for what you have. >> yes, i wanted to give my boyfriend i shout out and i will tell him how much i love him and never take anything for granted. >> gretchen: you said it is an
3:56 am
honor to be an american extra special to win a gold medal as a player on the women's soccer team. >> steve: it is my second gold medal and it was an amazing event. i had the time of my life. >> brian: you scored two goal finals and take it and blast it in the corner and get revenge against japan. and that is more than a time much your life. the coach told you you will probably not play much. >> she askedney me if it was a couple of months prior i would have laughed . i was uncertain. i didn't know if i would start or play. but it couldn't have been written better. >> brian: you didn't hang your head or pout. you filled your role. >> for sure. i can bring something special to the team pia realized that
3:57 am
and she was proud of me and we have a respect for each other and that's how it is in professional sports. >> steve: you thought in your head. i will make a difference. thanks for bringing home the gold. >> brian: good luck on the victory tour. >> gretchen: coming up. wwe wrestling event gets too real, watch >> this is not part of's entertainment. my broadcast partner earlier on tonight collapsed. >> gretchen: the latest on jerry lawler's condition. >> steve: and on this september 11, 2012. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred.
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why not use all your vacation days this year? [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? get points you can easily redeem for your vacations, with chase sapphire preferred. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, it is september 11, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. it was 11 years ago today near will he 3,000 people lost their lives in the worst terrorist attack this country has ever seen. this morning we honor the fallen and look back at the day that changed america forever. >> brian: with 56 days until the election, the commander in chief takes a commanding lead over mitt romney in some polls. but don't let the numbers fool you. why some results cannot be trusted. >> steve: meanwhile, a wwe event gets way too real for jerry lawler. >> this is not part of tonight's entertainment. this is a real life situation.
4:01 am
my broadcast colleague collapsed. >> steve: we're going to tell you what happened to the king and how he's doing this morning. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday, september 11, starts right now. ♪ ♪ it's a high school promise of are -- >> brian: we don't have graphics to describe what the new world trade center region will be like. they are finally building big time down there from the memorial and now we understand a teal has been cut, the museum will get out of moth balls. supposed to be done this year. and the state and city got together, along with new jersey, and they've got a deal to get
4:02 am
museum done. that's what it looks like right now. >> gretchen: thankfully this is a live picture. they'll keep politics out of the events today for the most part. you'll only hear from family examine friends and loved ones, et cetera. we are going to have full coverage here on fox. we'll be talking to former new york city mayor rudy guiliani and ray kelly and others throughout the rest of the day. >> brian: this year for the first time, there is starting to be push back on ray kelly's methods of keeping us safe and counterterrorism programs. i think people have to be vigilant and understand what he goes through on a daily basis to fight to make sure he does everything he can to keep us safe. >> gretchen: the last count, 14 supposed attacks he thwarted and the members of his police department thwarted since 9-11. >> steve: one of the things about today, 11 years later, it's going to remind a lot of people who were in new york city 11 years ago today of that day because it was a tuesday, just like today is a tuesday, and
4:03 am
it's going to be a severe clear blue day, just as it was 11 years ago. we've got all of the commemorations live right here on "fox & friends" starting about an hour and 45 minutes from now. so put down the remote and stay with us. >> gretchen: we begin with a developing story overnight. al-qaeda confirming its senior leader is dead. back in june, the u.s. government announced that it had killed him if pakistan. this morning is the first time al-qaeda is acknowledging the death. letters written by bin laden and captured at his raid show he was one of a handful of operatives who promoted al-qaeda's case to a world wide audience militant, especially the young. he escaped high security u.s. prison in afghanistan in 2005. schools school is out for more than 250,000 people because the chicago teachers union is striking now for a second day.
4:04 am
thousands of teachers and supporters marched to city hall complaining about the current evaluation system and demanding changes, increases to their benefits. the news angering many parents of those kids. >> i really didn't think they would go this far because it just seems like a really poor decision making on everybody's part. but i guess everybody felt like this was a statement they need to do make. i think it shows lack of support for the kids. >> gretchen: the district says it's hopeful there could be a resolution today. late last night, jerry the king lawler had a heart attack in the middle of an ehave not, collapsing on the floor. his broadcast partner extremely emotional in the moments right after. >> this is not part of tonight's entertainment. this is a real life situation. my broadcast colleague, jerry the king lawler, earlier tonight collapsed. >> gretchen: he was giving cpr on the scene, rushed to the hospital. right now we're told he's breathing on his own in stable
4:05 am
condition. what would do you if you found 2500 bucks sitting on the sidewalk? a minnesota man turned it over to police. that's so likely. the good samaritan didn't even want recognition, asking to stay anonymous. now police are trying to track down the owner using on-line databases, even going around to local banks. if no one claims the money in 60 days, they will give it to a nonprofit organization. >> brian: good job, minnesota! >> gretchen: there's a phrase called minnesota nice. that's why i'm not surprised by him doing that. in minnesota when you drive and you think you're going to cut off somebody driving in a car, you don't honk, you stop and go, oh, go ahead. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: oh, yes. it's quite different than new york city. >> steve: just a little. >> gretchen: all you watching in the midwest get it. >> brian: i can't even picture it. >> gretchen: it doesn't happen in your area. >> brian: you know what's most likely, the pictures coming back from mars. >> steve: meanwhile today marks the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. northerns it's a day of
4:06 am
remembrance and day to reflect on the tragedy that changed our country. eric shaun live at ground zero. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. let's start with eric shaun. good morning. >> good morning. sometimes seems as if almost nothing has changed in the day that did change the world. people like that tuesday, september 11, rush to go work. it's a beautiful blue sky, clear, crisp, early fall day. look at the progress. number one, world trade center, single building that is replaced the two twin towers. look what has been achieved here. in an hour and a half, just like in other years, the families of those who died will gather again not in defiant anger, but in quiet sorrow. they'll read the names of the 2982 people who died here. this will be six moments of silence. also a place of hope and renewal. 4 1/2 people have visited the memorial here. those waterfalls that are overpowering in their
4:07 am
simplicity, cascading down. also the dispute over the museum have been resolved and that should be over by the museum and the cancers have been classified as possibly being linked to the toxic dust will help the survivors and first responders. tonight there will be the tribute and two measures of services tuesday, september 11. steve, back to you. >> brian: we saw you down there take after day with just that hospital mask on. have you had any problems with breathing? >> yeah, i did, brian. just like two months after that in 2001, i had what they called world trade center cough. so what i had done as others have, i had a cat scan of my lungs. it's been clear. i'm okay thankfully. but you know your heart hag to go out and always have sympathy for those not as fortunate. >> steve: that's one of the
4:08 am
things that we say, you need something more than that flimsy paper mask. >> brian: we didn't know. >> steve: who knew? thank you very much. >> gretchen: in a little over two hours, president obama will arrive at the pentagon to remember the 184 innocent lives lost in the attack there. our own jennifer griffin is live for us now. good morning, jennifer. >> good morning. the sun just came up here at the pentagon. you can hear the planes up overhead. 11 years ago today, at 8:20 in the morning, american airlines flight 77 took off from dulles airport at 9:37 a.m it slammed into the outer ring of the pentagon, slicing through three of those rings. essentially killing 184 people on the ground. 125 people were killed on impact. there were 59 people on board the flight that day. there are 184 separate benches at the pentagon memorial behind me. it opened in 2008 and cost $22 million to build. it's open 24 hours a day, seven
4:09 am
days a week. later today at about 9:15 a.m., there will be a ceremony here at the pentagon for the families of those who were killed. the president and first lady will make their way over here from the white house where there will be a moment of silence. then the chairman of the joint chiefs, general dempsey, and defense secretary will address families of those who were killed. yesterday defense secretary panetta was in shanksville, pennsylvania, remembering those on board united 93. >> that kind of sacrifice, that kind of commitment, that kind of dedication, that kind of courage is what makes this country strong and we had damn well better remember that every day. >> and in afghanistan today, a ceremony for marines at camp leatherneck to mark 9-11. the 68,000 plus u.s. troops still in afghanistan relive 9-11 every day. many of those who have just deployed were just seven years
4:10 am
old at the time of 9-11, 11 years ago. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: that's an amazing statistic. thanks so much. >> steve: we'll have more on that a little later on. now let's talk about presidential politics. you probably saw the headlines, president obama gets a big bounce in the polls, according to cnn where it shows him up over 6 over mitt romney. now, there is a problem. when you look at the little numbers, you realize what cnn has done is oversampled democrats and they undersampled independents. so they skewed the numbers essentially to favor ultimately the current president of the united states. take a look at the number of democrats and the number of republicans. take a look at the independents. if you unskew it, mr. romney would actually lead 53 to 45. >> gretchen: i don't really know how pollsters get away with doing it this way. why don't you just do it even or just poll independents 'cause they're going to determine this election as they do every other one. if you look how independents are
4:11 am
fairing right north texas the last count, they were up 14% for mitt romney. so maybe you should look a little bit deeper into the numbers. the problem is that the media takes this poll and they run with it. what effect does that have on the american psyche and the mood in our society when that is what you hear for a solid week? >> brian: meanwhile, talk more about the polls. remember it was a weeking what it seemed as though david axelrod when on a problem with the gallup poll and he tweeted out that he has an issue with gallup poll and the methodology behind it and he is unof the chief architects of the 08 win and wants to make it a repeat. >> steve: this was a poll taken by gallup in april. and what he did, some say he was trying to intimidate gallup. they said there are some problems with gallup's numbers and he asked gallup, why don't you come over to the white house and talk about your methodology. gallup internal e-mail now
4:12 am
showed that they regard that had as intimidation. they did not go to talk to him about their methodology. they just continued to do what they did. right now, according to gallup, mr. obama is lead manage romney. however that, poll is a couple days old. the very latest poll out this morning is from the "washington post" and it's of likely voters. now according to the "washington post," barak obama 49, mitt romney, 48. whatever bounce he had, according to the "washington post" with these likely voters, has disappeared. >> gretchen: that's the important terminology. you should always be looking at the polls of likely voters because these are the people who are actually going to go to the polls and exercise their right to vote. let's listen to what rush limbaugh had to say about all of this yesterday. >> my question is that why is obama still campaigning? can somebody explain that to me? what do you mean?
4:13 am
because everywhere i look, this election is over. folks, this is so predictable, the campaign to depress you and to despirit you is underway and it's set full bore. it's going 150%. these people have a disaster of a convention they're trying to turn into the greatest convention ever. i'm here to tell you it is september 10. there is two months ago. there is no way this is over! there is no way. >> brian: that's what the romney folks sent out a memo saying don't be discouraged by the polls. fordham says who are the most accurate polls judging by 08? tops is rasmussen, then pugh. >> steve: just remember, according to the "washington post," it's a dead heat. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. on this september 11, parents will do in this case to get their babies to fall asleep of the even jumping in the crib?
4:14 am
a new study. >> gretchen: come on, in the crib? the biggest story in america that the president won't talk about. stunning unemployment numbers. the king of payne next [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®.
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tomato, obviously.
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haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip! i'm literally getting zinged by the flavor. smooth, but crisp. velvety. kind of makes me feel like a dah zing yah woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. woooo! >> i was surprised in the president's speech in the democrat convention, he didn't mention unemployment. he didn't mention 47 million people on food stamps.
4:17 am
one out of six americans living in poverty. these are not numbers or people he spoke about during his convention speech. >> brian: mitt romney criticizing the president's failure to address the weak economy in the convention speech. but is this all because the numbers are worse than they appear as bad as they sound? joining us for some analysis, charles payne from the "fox business" network. you don't blame president obama for not bringing that up? >> listen, it's politics, i guess. but i love to see a mea culpa. that friday jobs report number was abysmal. 368,000 people quit the work force. that makes about 8 million people since inauguration day. they're totally out of it. they've given up. one angle that no one is talking about are young people in america. teenage employment last month, first of all, the amount of jobs available for white teen-agers are 28% of the jobs
4:18 am
teen-agers, 16%. think how abysmal that is. then zero in on young men. 29% unemployment rate. 18 to 19 years old, 37%. think about this for a moment. this was the summer. this was the time when typically kids go out, by the way, the employment report starts off the very first sentence says there were a lot of jobs created in food service and drinking places. that's not a good sign to begin with. but listen, these are kids who love president obama. >> brian: 60 plus% are voting for the president! he is killing on the under 30s. >> 16 to 17-year-olds, unemployment shot up to 37% in a single month. >> brian: if this was mitt romney's report card, i bet if you that was his first term, he wouldn't be able to get the nomination. >> to be quite frank, these are the numbers that sparked the arab spring. really. if mitt romney was president, there is no doubt in my mind that there would have been riots in the streets of america all
4:19 am
throughout the entire summer. it would have been a summer of riots. cities would have been burned to the ground. these numbers are beyond abyss abysmal. >> brian: america cuts the president slack? >> are you kidding me? the apologists for the president, outapologyists, black apologists, it's nuts! the president doesn't have accountability. so young people don't have accountability. look at the chicago teachers strikes. they're saying we don't want to be graded. if i'm a student, i'm saying i don't want to be graded! if i don't have to give me jack and jill, don't give me an f! the lack of accountability, that listen, he was dealt a bad hand, this is wrong, that's wrong. i don't know what's hang. we used to be a nation that got angry. didn't matter who was the president. >> brian: incomplete. he gave himself an incomplete. >> incomplete is a nice score compared to probably what it really should be. 15 million more people on food stamps. 9 million homes have been
4:20 am
foreclosed and we know in june, to give you a prime example, 45,000 jobs created. 175,000 people went on food stamps. >> brian: almost like we're in a power where the president is not being grade on his own record. but i want to see you on varney. i'll flip over for that beginning at 9:20. >> thank you. >> brian: 20 minutes after the hour. coming up on this show, making it a whole lot easier for illegals. up next, the new push to let them open up a bank account with just a library card. then he not only lost his son on 9-11, now he's battling cancer himself. up next, what he says we still need to know about 9-11 and don't [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> steve: now it is time for news by the numbers. 50%, that's how much gun sales have risen at smith and weson. gun dealers say people are worried they could see stricter gun laws if president obama is reelected. so they're stocking up now. next, 3.8 million. that's the number of private sector jobs unfilled? this according to a survey by jolt. that's the job opening and labor turnout. >> brian: energy drink? >> steve: exactly. later today jolts will release just what the jobs are. that would be a good indication. and finally, $1.17 trillion. that's the amount of the federal deficit for this fiscal year so far. this is the fourth straight year under president obama the deficit has risen over a
4:25 am
trillion dollars. that's history, but not good history. >> gretchen: 11 years ago today, the world changed forever when terrorists attacked the united states. this morning we remember the lives lost on that fateful day as the nation continues to heal. >> brian: joining us from ground zero, peter johnson, jr., along with a special guest and his good friend and our good friend, retired firefighter who not only lost his son on 9-11, but got cancer as a result of his work at ground zero. peter? >> yeah, good morning, brian. it's a much different day today than 11 years ago. a happier day in many respects. behind us now, the freedom tower rises. on that day 11 years ago, thousands of people posted missing posters looking for their loved ones that would never come home. thousands of people went to new york hospital to donate blood to the victims who would never show up at those hospitals. so i asked this morning my dear friend, lee, to come spend a few
4:26 am
minutes with me here this morning in the shadow of ground zero in the new world trade center. good morning, lee. >> good morning. >> lee is a hero and as you stand here on this corner, maybe it a dozen people waved and want to do have their picture. they want to have their picture because avenues hero firefighter. he lost his hero firefighter son, jonathan, searchened for his son for eight months and then developed cancer as a result. went on to form the tribute center behind us. lee, what are your feelings today? is there hate or is there hope in your heart? >> there can't be hate because you're not going to accomplish anything with hate. i think that's quite obvious. hope is always there. i spoke to many people over the 11 years who many countries, countries that support us, countries that don't support us and after each one, i just keep saying to myself, thank god i'm an american. i'm so proud of this country and how we've moved forward since 9-11 and it's not with hate in
4:27 am
our hearts. it's with the thought that we'll make a difference. >> the hope was always there in your heart. you went through this rubble and this debris looking for the remains of your dear son. you were fortunate enough after all that hard work to find those remains. but then you made the decision that you would not leave the other fathers behind, the other men behind in the search for their loved ones. tell us about that. >> you know, when i got here 11 years ago, my thought was i want to find my son. but then i've done this for many years and search and rescue work. my thought was i'll start right here examine anybody i find along the way is going to be a blessing for that particular family. the dads that i worked with, specific dads from the fire department, were here looking for their sons. after three months, we found my buddy, my son, jonathan.
4:28 am
after that, i couldn't leave this site. that's just not proper. so i stayed on with the dads. we continued to search. we found many people. so it was a blessing. unfortunately to this day, the dads i worked with, their sons have not been found. >> many of the remains will never be found, but how should the search continue for americans as we go forward? where is the resurgence, begin and the remembrance end, or does it end? >> i don't think it should ever end. if we start fading away from 9-11 and the thoughts of 9-11, then we're going to forget those beautiful men examine ever -- and women that came here that day to help and forget about the beautiful civilians in these buildings that made a choice to help people. so how can we forget? there has been so many good things that have happened since 9-11, scholarships, thousands, foundations that are started to help military people that are coming home without their legs
4:29 am
perhaps, building homes and not just from family, but from americans. that's what this country is all about. >> lee, thank you for your choice. thank you for your family's service. i couldn't pick a better person to spend a few minutes here with today. i'm glad america got to see you. >> thank you. >> back to you guys. >> steve: peter and lee and you can see hyped them, life goes on. so many people going to work today and peter johnson, jr.'s office is right down there not far from ground zero. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," his plane was hijacked, flown into the world trade center. but the pilot wasn't on board. the man who was scheduled to be in that seat, behind the controls, he's telling his story finally and he's coming up next. >> brian: parents, you tried just about everything to get your baby to fall asleep. even climbing into the crib. but there is something simple that will work every time. >> steve: it's not another person. >> gretchen: ear plugs! these fellas used capital one venture miles
4:30 am
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>> gretchen: welcome back. "fox & friends" real estate guru, you know him, bob massi, he's going on the road this month. he's going to be hosting a free seminar to answer your questions and give advice on all things housing related. jot the date down, thursday, september 27, from 6 to 9:00 a.m. at the club treasure island in tampa, florida. again, it's free. you need to register by e-mailing for more information, you can visit the "fox & friends" web
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site. september 27. if you want free advice on anything home related, 6 to 9:00 a.m., go town in tampa and join bob. >> brian: 26 minutes before the top of the hour. the obama administration hoping to keep the manualic alive by sending bill clinton to the all important swing state of florida. joining us now live from miami, phil keating. will you be there? >> i will not be there. however, it will be getting massive television coverage here in miami. florida, of course, the largest of the battle ground states, 29 electoral college votes. polling shows it's neck in neck here in florida. brand-new poll out this morning, by the "washington post" and abc news shows the five and six point bounce post convention that obama reportedly got in a couple of polls yesterday may be a little more narrow according to the poll with 3% margin of error, president obama leads by 1 percentage. among registered voters, it
4:35 am
shows that the president has a 6-point lead over mitt romney underlying how critical getting the early vote out is for both campaigns. yesterday in ohio, that's where republican candidate mitt romney stumped, addressing the economy, attacking the president. however, in a few hours, he will fly out to reno, nevada, where later today he will speak to the national guard association's convention and considering today is the 9-11 anniversary, expect both campaigns to really put politics aside for the day in a brand-new statement released by the romney campaign, quote, 11 years ago, evil descended upon our country, taking thousands of lives in an unspeakable attack against innocence. america will never forget those who perished. president obama will honor the anniversary with a moment of silence at the white house and then make a personal visit out to the pentagon. but late this afternoon in miami, florida international university that, is where former
4:36 am
president bill clinton will come down to continue stumping for the president as he did last week at the national convention in charlotte. ann romney will also be visiting florida on wednesday in t campag florida hard over the next two months. it's a critical campaign stop for both candidates because both do feel that if they win florida, they can win the national election. back to you. >> steve: phil, we thank you very much. the bounce, bounced. >> brian: yeah. we'll see if the president will be just as effective as he was on the democratic national convention. >> steve: now it's time for headlines on september 11. inmate being held at gitmo is dead. the prisoner was found unconscious in his cell and rushed to the hospital but could not be revived. inmate not being named, but we know he went on a hunger strike earlier this year and we know he's not one of the high profile guys being tried by the military commission. that list includes khalid sheikh mohammed and four other
4:37 am
terrorists accused of plotting the september 11 attacks 11 years ago today. >> brian: we'd like to kill them ourselves. >> steve: the parents of a fallen seal team 6 member blasting the obama administration for endangering the unit days after the osama bin laden raid, vice president revealed seal team 6 was the group that killed him. well, months later, the taliban shot down a helicopter filled with team 6 members, including aaron vaughn. his parents say aaron called two days after the osama bin laden raid with a disturbing warning. >> he actually said to me, mom, there is chatter examine all of our lives could be in danger, including yours. i realized all of those families, you're talking about a community of around 300 families who are all of a sudden the target by this administration. >> gretchen: they think it made them a target. the obama administration has not commented.
4:38 am
>> brian: controversial proposal sparking outrage in los angeles. officials there considering a plan to turn the library card into a form of i.d. for illegal immigrants. they could then use it to open up bank accounts, access cash. many people concerned this plan could encourage, in fact, people going out who are illegal and encourage them to vote. >> steve: it's a sound most parents find unbearable at night. (baby crying) sounds familiar, doesn't it. many parents will do just about anything to stop the baby from crying. >> brian: is that steve carre will, will l. >> steve: even climbing into a crib. a study finds let them cry. the study showed there were no harmful effects in the long run. so let them cry. >> brian: you can enjoy a good cry, too. >> gretchen: three nights before it works. on september 10, 2001, american
4:39 am
airlines pilot steve's bags were packed and he was ready to go. he was scheduled for a boston to l.a. flight leaving the next morning at 7:45 a.m had he gotten on that flight, he wouldn't be here today to tell us how a twist of fate ended up saving his life. a rare last minute pilot substitution bumped steve from the trip, putting a more senior pilot, tom mcginnis, in his place. that plane never made it as american airlines flight was the first plane to hit the world trade center. now steve is sharing the story in a new book written by his wife called "in my seat, a pilot's story from september 10 to 11". that's my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i can't imagine how you went through the emotions of what happened to you that day after, knowing what happened to your colleague then who was actually in that plane. there's a a sense of guilt or how would you describe it? >> well, at first when you find out the news, you're kind of
4:40 am
stunned, sort of in shock for a little bit. then you do have a twinge of guilt. but that kind of goes away quickly. i think guilt is most often associated with some sort of manipulation. and the circumstances that led me to being bumped were outside of my control. i felt sad afterwards 'cause you know there is a family out there that is very much like yours that has just had a tremendous loss in their family and your hearts go out to them obviously. >> gretchen: you were a man of faith at that time and you decided to carry that even further in your life. in what way? >> i was pastoring a church in maine at the time examine i pastored there for ten years. i was busy a congregation, but over the years, the lord laid on my heart to reach out to families and my wife and i travel around the country teaching parenting conferences. i saw your lead in about the crying baby. that's one of the things that she and i kind of specialize in. we teach parents what we call the nine practices of the
4:41 am
pro-active parent. we walk them through kind of how to discipline their lives and their children's lives to help with little things like crying. >> gretchen: you would know because you have eight children of your own. >> i do. >> gretchen: four boys and four girls. >> yep. >> gretchen: you're still a pilot. what goes through your mind every time go in the cockpit now 11 years after this time? >> you think about it, especially when the anniversary comes an. i'm still based in boston. i still fly the same airplane, which were the airplane of choice on 9-11. i still walk down the gate at boston which is the one the terrorists boarded the airplane on. every time i walk down that gate, i kind of stop and say a little prayer for folks and kind of remember the loss. but at the same time, pilots are also trained to compartmentalize. you got to put it behind you and get on with the flight ahead of you or else you're not going to be a safe airman. >> gretchen: one of the people we're honoring, tom mcguiness,
4:42 am
who have the gentleman who was sitting in the pilot seat instead of you and you're writing about it in your new book. former pastor and now the leader of a character group for parents. you lived a full life, steve, thanks for being our guest. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, the president had no foreign policy experience before taking office. so should he be attacking mitt romney's lack of experience in that realm? senator john mccain responds to that coming up next. then following the attacks on september 11, rudy guiliani went from being the mayor of new york city to america's mayor. he joins us live from ground zero later this hour oh no, not a migraine now.
4:43 am
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4:45 am
>> brian: president obama taking to the campaign trail to praise his own foreign policy experience while at the same time attacking mitt romney's. listen. >> just like there is a choice on domestic policy, there is a choice when it comes to foreign affairs. my opponent said it was tragic to end the war in iraq. don't boo. vote. he won't tell us how he'll end war in afghanistan. and i have and i will. while my opponent would spend more money on military programs as the joint chiefs say we don't need, won't make us safer, don't want, i'm going to use that money that we're no longer spending on war to pay down our
4:46 am
debt. >> brian: a shocking report says the president has not made national security a priority in his own administration. according to the "washington post," during his first 1200 takes in office, he only attended his intelligence briefings about 44% of the time. since then it's become less. joining us now with reaction, senator john mccain, his opponent in 2008. your reaction to that? >> i'm not too surprised. this was the same senator obama who said the surge would not succeed, that it was doomed to fail. this was the same president who has pulled all of our troops out of iraq without leaving a residual force and the place is unraveling. al-qaeda is making a comeback. the prime minister is in a pocket of the iranians. they've just sentenced the vice president to death. in syria, he stands by and watches thousands being massacred without even saying a word on their behalf. they need weapons with which to
4:47 am
defend themselves. they are being massacred. this president does nothing. in afghanistan, i'm telling you that it is unraveling there because all the president talks about is withdrawal and leaving. and you are seeing a reinsurgentence of al-qaeda there. so as far as the middle east is concerned, this president's national security policy has been an abyssmal failure and i want to go back again to syria. how can you not speak up on behalf of these people who are being massacred by the hundreds every day using iranian weapons, russian weapons, al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations? it's mind boggling. i have not seen a morphicless foreign policy since president carter. >> brian: i tell you what, he seems to be getting a pass on it, which is staggering to manhattan the defense firms are going to be looking at a big -- the defense military complex looking at big-time down sizing. how many layoffs are we looking at, especially if sequestration is allowed to go through this
4:48 am
year? >> sequestration was a provision put in an attempt to get an agreement about reducing the deficit. it was a mistake and we should acknowledge that. now we are staring at loss of a million jobs. we're look at the loss of nearly a trillion dollars in income. we are looking at a devastating impact on our economy and again, the president of the united states has shown no leadership. he should be calling us together. we should be sitting down and by the way, the effects of this, quote, sequestration, according to his own secretary of defense, would be devastating to our national security. that's what the uniformed leaders have said as well. the president is sitting idly by watching as this train wreck approaches. it's a total lack of leadership, or concern, lack of concern for our nation's security. >> brian: and i think that the uniformed men examine women will be gutted as well and many are
4:49 am
concerned about their health benefits and being cut back. >> well, the personnel have been exempted. what it would do is it would eliminate, according to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, our ability to respond to a national crisis. that is pretty disturbing when you think about it. again, presidential leadership is lacking here. he should be calling us together. we can sit down and work this out to avoid this. but he's again, awol. i'm not sure he know has that means. >> brian: right. i'll leave it at that. you're doing what you can getting the word out on your favorite morning show. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks again. >> brian: coming up next on "fox & friends." after september 11, rudy guiliani went from being the mayor of new york city to america's mayor. he never stopped. he's here with us next live. but, first on this day in 1984, tina turner, she sings about
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> this could happen anywhere in the united states or in the world. therefore, our goal has to be to end terrorism. the next goal that we have, and this is why i'm so happy that you came back to work and back tonight, people have to go back to normal. they have to not be afraid. [ applause ] >> steve: following the attacks on september 11, 2001, mayor rudy guiliani was the face of strength for the country. 11 years later, is america still viewed as the strongest nation on the planet? mayor rudy guiliani joins us now
4:54 am
from downtown new york. good morning to you, mayor. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >> steve: fine, thanks. 11 years. that was fast. >> it sure was. i mean, sometimes it seems like yesterday. particularly when i come down here examine think about what happened that day and all the terrible things i saw, other people dying, people get hit by en the heroism of theg out of firefighters, police officer, construction workers, which was above and beyond the call of duty. so it's hard. it's worst day, best day in many ways. >> steve: absolutely. 11 years later r we stronger as a nation? because in some parts of the world, we're perceived as weaker. >> i think we're stronger in terms of our defenses against that precise kind of terrorist attack happening to us. i think we're doing a much better job under bush and obama in thwarting these terrorist attacks. we've thwarted about 40, 45 of
4:55 am
them. but i think there is an area in which we're in more danger and that's iran where they could introduce into this mix nuclear weapons. i'd like people to think about what isn't talked about a lot. iran is a threat, not just setting off missiles, but handing off nuclear material to the terrorists they're currently sponsoring and lying about it. all this thought that we can live with a nuclear iran because they'll be deterred, this is very different. they are the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. if they have nuclear weapons, the next time there is an attack t could be with nuclear weapons. >> steve: that's right. this morning the country of iran has announced they're making real progress on their goal of achieving that really good stuff that can be used for bombs and that is never good. >> there has to be a sense of urgency about stopping them instead of this almost irrational desire to negotiate with them. they have to be afraid of us if
4:56 am
we're going to stop them. i'm not certain that's the case right now. >> steve: that's right. now, you are not far from ground zero. it's just on the other side of that blue wall that we see behind you right there. yesterday -- it's been 11 years. yesterday they apparently reached a deal to finally conclude the construction of the memorial. it's taken 11 years. that's an embarrassment in many ways. >> well, particularly bad because last year when we all got a chance to view the memorial which was almost done at that point, we were told it would be ready in a year. then work stopped completely because of a political dispute. again, hopefully it's now over and there will be a sense of urgency about getting this done because this has created a lot of pain for a lot of family members that i know that this hasn't been done. >> steve: one thing they're going to do today is not have any politicians speaking. all the names will be read by families and family members and
4:57 am
friends. >> i'm glad that's the case. i think some alteration is perfectly appropriate given the amount of time that's gone by. it's still going to be a substantial ceremony. most importantly, we can't forget this because the war is still on. we haven't signed a peace treaty. this isn't like pearl harbor. whether we want to recognize it as a war or not, the islamic terrorist extremists are at war with us. >> steve: rudy guiliani joining us from ground zero on this september 11. mayor, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> steve: you bet. straight ahead, the president calling for a moment of silence but calls for a service, not prayer. laura ingraham on this at the top of the hour. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
4:58 am
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, september 11, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. 11 years ago today, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the worst terrorist attack this country has ever seen. this morning we are honoring the fallen and giving you a unique look back at the day that changed america forever. this is a live picture at ground zero right now. >> steve: president obama calling for community service today and faith in one another, but no prayer. laura ingraham here with her reaction two minutes away. >> brian: then you got this wwe wrestling event, finally and sadly, this is real. >> this is not part of tonight's entertainment. this is a real life situation.
5:01 am
my broadcast colleague, jerry the king lawler, earlier on tonight, collapsed. >> brian: latest on the commentator's condition when we come back because "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ . >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. you're look at a live picture from ground zero right now. the american flag, of course, flying because today we are honoring those who lost their lives, more than 3,000 people on september 11, 11 years ago already today. still coming up on our show, we'll be talking to the police commissioner, ray kelly, and we will continue to show you exactly what happened on that day, about 8:20 a.m. eastern time, just 20 minutes from now. >> brian: then we will go live to the coverage which will be
5:02 am
the reading of all the names and for the first time that i can remember, no political speeches. >> steve: which is good. we just had mayor rudy guiliani on. he said the fact that there will be no politicians speaking as there were last year, is a good thing. 11 years. it went by so fast. i was thinking this morning when we were driving out because we were here in the chairs, different chairs, different studio at the time, we had just -- i had just concluded outside an interview with mr. peanut and we heard in our ears, an airplane crashed into the world trade center. and from there, another one did. and that changed everything. there will be four moments of silence of morning. the first one in this hour, you will see it live right here on "fox & friends." >> gretchen: meantime, life goes on and this is actually if relation to that. al-qaeda confirming that its senior leader is dead now. the u.s. government announced it killed him in pakistan back in june, but this morning is the first time al-qaeda is
5:03 am
acknowledging his death. letters written by bin laden and captured during the raid at his compound show he was up with of the handful of operatives who promoted al-qaeda's case to a world wide audience, militants, especially young people. he escaped a high security prison in 2005. school is out for 350,000 students. you're saying i just went back. well, they're out because the chicago teachers union on strike for a second day. thousands of teachers and supporters marched to city hall complaining about the current evaluation system and demanding changes to their benefits. the news angering many parents. >> i really didn't think they would go this far because it just seems like a really poor decision making on everybody's part. but i guess everybody felt like this was a statement they needed to make and i think it shows lack of support for the kids. >> gretchen: chicago teachers have the highest salary of any city.
5:04 am
$76,000 a year. the average family in chicago earns $47,000 a year. just 15% of fourth graders in the school system, only 15% are proficient in reading. late last night, wrestling legend jerry the king lawler a heart attack in the middle of a wwe event. he lapsed. his broadcast partner extremely emotional in the moments right after. >> typical jerry lawler fashion, he's fighting hard and again, king pull through this. our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope to have some sort of update before we leave the air tonight. come on, king, get through this. >> gretchen: 62-year-old lawler was given cpr, rushed to the hospital. right now he's breathing on his own and in stable condition. now to ground zero on this the 11th anniversary of the september 11 attacks there. only those who lost loved ones, not any politicians, will read the names of those who lost their lives today.
5:05 am
in washington, president obama will observe a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. eastern before attending a ceremony at the pentagon. and vice president joe biden will attend a ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania. it will include a moment of silence at 10:03 a.m., then a reading of the names of the victims and a wreath laying at that location. >> steve: you'll see it all right here on fox and right now you'll see laura ingraham, the esteemed radio show host and tv commentator. good morning to you. >> it's not as fun when i'm not on the segueway scooter with karl rove in the morning as we were last week. i'm still getting ridiculed. >> gretchen: you can still talk about the same stuff because today jay carney is saying that he's not going to blame president bush for four years of bad unemployment and such. then did he actually say that and then blame him? listen to this. >> not about blaming. we know that the country was in economic freefall when he took
5:06 am
office; that we were shedding jobs at an alarming rate. 750, 800,000 jobs per month. that's a fact. and that continued because the recession was in full bloom when he took office. once the president's policies, having been enacted by congress, acted on by the president, began to take effect, that freefall was halted and we have been gradually pulling ourselves out of the hole. >> brian: we know before the stimulus package was even passed, we started coming out of the recession by june of that year. so -- not passed, but implemented. it's an interesting take from the press secretary. >> look, at some point you have to start feeling bad for jay carney. he's a great dad and a great guy and i've known him a long time. what are you going to do when you get sent out there day after day and you're work for an administration that has to, i
5:07 am
guess, boast about the fact that they don't have as many jobs leaving the work force as they had in 2008? well, that's why we elected you president. and right now i think it's significant to note that we have fewer americans working in the work force than we had when the president started. what's the point of delivering someone in the office of the presidency if we're going to have fewer opportunities and fewer people participating in the work force than we did when he started? so they're forever shifting the goal post here and i think it's incumbent upon the romney campaign to make this very clear. >> steve: absolutely, because when you look at the numbers, the numbers are damning. these are not good for the president. carney can say we're pulling ourselves out of the hole, but look at that. 23 million americans are unemployed, underemployed or stopped working. when the president took office, the unemployment rate, the real unemployment rate was less than 8%. now it stands at 14.7, which
5:08 am
includes people working part people because they can't find other work. the good news, there is silver lining here, laura, unemployment rate for government workers, ohm 5.1%. >> you guys, you can't move in dc, the traffic is always so bad. in part because the government bloat. i know they're saying government is smaller than it was four years ago. well, it doesn't seem to be the case. the government guarantees the fat government health care that they get when they become government employees. again, other than fox news, where are you really seeing those statistics? i've made this point before on radio, but i'm going to say it again: it is incumbent upon paul ryan and mitt romney to take on the bureau of labor statistics's way of formulating these unemployment figures. the 8.1% figure is meaningless when you have 370,000 people abandoning all obama hope and leaving the work force.
5:09 am
>> gretchen: but laura, the thing is that the department of labor, first of all, should not be political at all. >> right. should be real numbers. >> gretchen: that's the first point. the second point is that the media helps get that message out to the people because when you look at the main stream media and the three nights of the dnc, two of the three main networks failed to mention that unemployment rate, even though the numbers -- not mentioning 368,000 who stopped looking, but they didn't even mention the unemployment rate at all! >> i always say to my friends who are waiting for the objectivity to come from most of the other media sources, you're going to be waiting a long time. so we complain that obama doesn't deal with congress as it is, realistically. we have republican house and a democrat house. i say this to mirin friends: deal with the campaign knowing that the media -- they are what they are. so that means unfortunately for mitt romney, you have to be three times as good on the stump and in your messaging examine
5:10 am
branding as obama is. obama can get up there and get a choreographed bear hug and it trends on twitter for two days. mitt romney has to say lower unemployment, lowered median income examine lowered expectations. that's what this landscape looks like right now. cut through with the mentalling. >> brian: when mitt romney goes o pizza shop. you said, if you can't beat down those grim stats -- you think with this report card, how can you not win essentially. correct? >> mitt romney should be up by five, six points. everybody out there who is saying every poll is inaccurate and all this is making too much of this. you know the way to stop the doubters? start winning in these polls. start winning in significant margins and look like you're ahead in ohio and pennsylvania. then people won't have a mini panic and for neil newhouse, the
5:11 am
romney pollster to come out yesterday and say, well, this is just a sugar high from the convention, i got to tell you, i think -- that reminds me of a lot of the stuff that was being said in 2006 by some of george w. bush's top advisors. oh, don't worry, we have internal polls that show us that we're going to pick up seats in the house. what happened in 2006? we got our clocks leaned. so for the romney campaign to stick their heads in the sand and say business as usual, keep going along the same path, i think that's very dangerous. >> gretchen: we're almost to the end road here. laura ingraham, we'll see you again next week. thanks so much. coming up, the september 11 story you probably haven't heard. the monday ordered to protect president bush at all costs. the pilot of air force one. >> steve: and 11 years after the world trade center attack, how safe is new york city? police commissioner ray kelly will be here live.
5:12 am
>> i bless this cross and god's love here at ground zero, in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit, our god of the west. line, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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5:14 am
>> gretchen: it's been 11 years since first responders rushed to ground zero. hundreds losing their lives. since then the nypd put a number
5:15 am
of new safety measures into place and joining me now is the nypd commissioner, ray kelly. a gentleman instrumental in putting many of those provisions in place. good morning to you, commissioner. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: i know as you reflect on this day 11 years later, hard to believe it's been 11 years, what can you tell us about any specific threats that may be taking place on this actual day, if any? >> unlike last year, we have no specific threat north, no specic information of the last year there was a lot of cause for concern. the president was here. we don't have that type of information today, thank god. but we certainly are not letting our guard down. we have a lot of resources in place. we don't know everything, of course. so we have to be very vigilant, be alert and that's precisely what we are. >> gretchen: nobody can imagine how stressful your position is.
5:16 am
you're in charge of the largest police force in the nation, not to mention since 9-11, you have to be on guard 24/7. what have you done, the initiatives you have put in place to make sure that new york stays safe? >> i believe we've done more than really any city that i'm aware of, any city in the world, to protect ourselves in the midst of a terrorist attack. we have over 1,000 police officers every day or full time equivalent devoted to our counter terrorism effort. we have uniformed patrols and officers engaged that the public doesn't see. we have officers stationed overseas. we have honed our language skills. we have speakers of languages that are particularly relevant this day and age to help us do investigations. we've special security unit of
5:17 am
police officers signed right here at the memorial, over 200 officers. so we've done a lot to protect the city, but there are no guarantees. >> gretchen: right. at this count, i think you have thwarted 14 terror plots since 9-11. but you faced a lot of blow back in the last year about some of these provisions and policies that you have put in place. some people thought that it was crossing the line and maybe, i don't know, were they just looking into political correctness? how do you respond to that? >> first, the 14 plots you mentioned we didn't do it alone. we did it with our federal partners. yes, the new york city police department did a good job, and we were lucky as well. as far as our strategies and programs, everything that we do is certainly pursuant to the law, constitutional. we have first class attorneys that everything that we do, series of articles in the press
5:18 am
that, in my judgment, have unfairly attacked the department, and have not established or even alleged that we've done anything contrary to the law. we're doing everything that we have to do in our judgment, to protect the city and we're going to continue to do it. >> gretchen: many people who live in the city and beyond are very thankful for the work you're doing. commissioner ray kelly, thanks for your time today. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: coming up next, he was behind the controls of air force one on september 11. his mission? to keep president bush safe. that pilot incredible story next ? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:21 am
>> brian: terrifying situation for chris powell, host of extreme make over. weight loss edition. a gang member tries to steal his car with his one-year-old son
5:22 am
inside. his nanny grabbed the baby and ran off. the suspect was arrested. then, some folks said president obama did not use the word god in a september 11 proclamation. the president did call on americans to participate in community service to honor those who were lost. the proclamation comes one week after democrats initially removed god from the party platform and later would boo god. >> steve: he was at the controls air force one on september 11, 11 years ago with george w. bush on board. now 11 years later, retired colonel mark tillman is opening up about that day and how he believes america changed because of it. he joins us live from the about city of dallas. good morning to you, colonel. >> good morning. >> steve: you came on the program last year and told your story live from ground zero. when it was realized that it was terrorism, you were on the tarmac there in sarasota and
5:23 am
knowing that terrorists could be after you, what did you do? what it you order on board air force one to make sure the president was safe? >> once we realized that there was potential for us to be attacked as well, we went ahead and attempted to move the aircraft and then i was told immediately that the president would be coming to us. we held tight. the other situation was we increased the perimeter around the aircraft to make sure no one could get near the aircraft or the president at the time and just readied our self for a quick flight back to washington, d.c. as directed by the president. >> steve: sure. and i understand, colonel, that what did you was double checked everybody's identity, everybody who got on air force one, make sure they were who they said they were, and you had a guy with a gun outside your cockpit door. >> absolutely. the plan of attack was to make sure everybody was accounted for on the aircraft as we normally did. however n this situation we had to double-check to make sure.
5:24 am
the gentleman at the foot of the stairs and up in the cockpit was to make sure we covered all the bases. that was our job, make sure the president was safe. >> steve: we're taking a look at george w bush on the phone in the elementary school where he learned of the attack. he wanted to get right back to washington, but you thought since you did hear from vice president dick cheney, that angel, which was the code sign for air force one, could be next. you had to go someplace else. >> absolutely. we were looking at all the option available to us. the first option wasn't to take the president back into the so-called war zone where still aircraft were hijacked and not knowing what their target was. our plan of attack was to keep him air airborne. however, the staff and president advised that was his desire to get back to washington and lead the country from washington, d.c very unique position, but i can see it happened with president bush. >> steve: sure. so first you landed in not far
5:25 am
from shreveport and then took off from omaha and back to washington, d.c i understand it wasn't until you actually landed at andrews air force base outside of washington that it dawned on you what you had done that day. >> the whole day we were seeing accounts of the attacks on the television, but it wasn't until we descended into andrews that we could see the pentagon smoldererring. once we landed, the feeling was, could we have done it better as the helplessness of the situation, not knowing how many airliners had been hijacked. once they were hijacked, trying to watch the president in action, try to make a determination as to what to do with the final airliner. and in the end, within an hour and a half, everything was complete and now it was our job to make sure the president was protected for the rest of the day. >> steve: you know that we're going to go to ground zero very shortly. that's how they commemorate things here in new york city. but what about for you? what does 9-11 mean to you?
5:26 am
>> every year after 9-11, we ready air force one, we got it set up for any kind of possible attack around the country. we knew the terrorists had that same concept. for me, 9-11 was just a time of remembrance. i always sit down and watch the ground zero ceremonies, pentagon ceremonies and just reflect on the day. >> steve: absolutely. colonel mark tillman joining us from dallas, thank you for your service and telling your story. >> thank you so much. great to be with you. >> gretchen: we're awaiting the first moment of silence, which we will bring to you live. first, a look at 9-11, 11 years ago today as it all unfolded.
5:27 am
>> we have a strategic alert. an incredible plane crash into the world trade center here at the lower tip of manhattan. >> it's believed 737 crashed into this speculation at this point, at least three floors taken out issue crashed into the side of a building. joining us right now, one of the producers with fox report on the scene. what do you know? what do you see? >> i'm on the roof of my building which is about five blocks to the south of the world trade center. i'm looking right now at the world trade center. there is a massive gaping hole on the second tower. it's about 15 stories from the
5:28 am
roof. it's unbelievable to look at. >> you can see it right now. you can see emergency vehicles heading toward the scene. there are tons of people in the street. there are papers, things fluttering out. i can't see any evidence of what it was that could have crashed. there is a massive gaping hole falling out of the building. >> all we can do is stare and gasp at these pictures at this point. you are looking at the north building of the twin towers of the world trade center in manhattan. these are coming to you live now, debris raining down from 110 floors up. as you can see, this is a clear blue sky day in manhattan. if this was an accident, it would be a needle in a hay stack kind of accident.
5:29 am
>> there was another one. we just saw another one. we just saw another one apparently go -- another plane just flew into the second tower. this raises -- this has to be deliberate, folks. we just saw on live television as a second plane flew into the second tower of the world trade center. now, given what has been going on around the world, some of the key suspects come to mind, osama bin laden. who knows what? eric shaun is with us. eric, i know you have a lot of sources at the f.b.i. and other agencies like that. what can you tell us? >> i apologize for being out of breath 'cause i was walking down fifth avenue, which is close to
5:30 am
our studios and i heard a jet, perhaps a 737 or a small air bus, flying low, unusually low over fifth avenue making a right. i'm not going to -- i don't have any reports on what type of plane hit the world trade center. but people looked up and it made a right toward the building. >> tragedy, it is abhorrent, it is disgusting, but i'm wondering, are these pilots, terrorists themselves? are there terrorists in the cockpit who are holding guns to a pilot's head? >> i can't imagine -- >> you can speculate completely about how this happens because ob lot of training and expertise to fly a complicated, sophisticated
5:31 am
aircraft l it's a boeing 737 or a smaller air bus. these are not little cessnas and little pipers. so you have to wonder and raise what possibility there is with the type of scenario that was going on in the cockpit. >> our wendell goler is at the white house, rather make that sarasota. he is traveling with the president. wendell goler, what's the reaction from the president? >> the president is here promoting a reading initiative on the second day of a two-day trip to florida. he just finished reading to children at the school and asked about the incident, he said he was aware of it and that he would have something to say about it later. >> let's bring in david lee miller, our correspondent.
5:32 am
he has an eyewitness with him. david lee, what can you tell us? >> good morning. a few blocks from the world trade center now, all the roadways are pretty much cut off. the only way to get near the buildings is on foot. the scene is a horrific one. you have people streaming out of the area. you got people literally in tears and shock. people that just worked in the nearby buildings that cannot believe what happened. still some remember the terrorist attack years ago on the world trade center and many of them, this is just an ugly reminder of that. although the details of what happened are not certain. as i was walking in lower manhattan making my way to the world trade center, i stopped to speak to sylvia, where a few blocks away, she works down here. i'm going to hand her the telephone and she's going to describe for us what she saw this morning as she was arriving at work. >> i heard a loud rumbling. when i walked out of the deli, i look up and there was an airplane going into the world trade center and flames were
5:33 am
coming out and smoke was just billowing in the air and tons of people were running down fulton street, running each other over and i made my way back to my office on water street. when i got upstairs, i looked out my window to see what was going on and the second world trade center went up in flames, from one minute to the next. >> sylvia, thanks for that eyewitness report. >> when we saw that second plane slam into the second tower, intentionally, quite clearly, you got to believe this is a terrorist attack. >> harvey curb they are is on the line with us, he's a frequent guest of ours and terrorism expert. harvey, is it too early to speculate about suspects? >> one thinks only that this could be the most horrifically planned incident in the anals of terrorism against the united states. think about it. you look outside, the fox studios, look how clear it is. how could you miss the trade
5:34 am
towers? not just one, but two planes? >> and it brings to mind everybody hates those metal detectors at airports and everybody makes passing through them almost a joke these days. but clearly it seems that something is going to change if you can make this kind of statement and kill as many people as are likely to be dead in this kinds of scenario. >> john, we're talking about terrorism. no matter how this turns out, this is going to be a day that's going to live in infamy and cause changes in terms of -- if it terms out of security like this country has never seen before. >> president bush is about to speak. he's in florida at what was supposed to be a joyous event at an elementary school. let's listen in n today we've had -- >> today we've had a national tragedy. two airplanes have crashed into
5:35 am
the world trade center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. i have spoken to the vice president, to the governor of new york, to the director of the f.b.i., and have order that the full resources of the federal government go to help the victims and their families and to conduct a full scale investigation to hunt down and to find those folks who committed this act. terrorism against our nation will not stand. and now if you join me it a moment of silence. may god bless the victims, their families, and america. thank you very much. >> we are going to be look at an
5:36 am
enormous death toll. 50,000 people work in those two buildings. >> john fund from the "wall street journal" is on the phone with us. john, were you in the area when the planes hit? >> i was across the street in my office building. >> what did you see? what did you hear? >> i heard an incredible sonic boom and looked up and there were already much smoke and flames pouring out of the building. about 15 minutes later, the second sonic boom, which would have been the second tower and the second plane. >> what about injuries? >> the most terrible and heart rending thing about this is about 15 minutes ago, bodies started dropping from the top floors of the tower closest to the highway. about at least five or six and it was absolutely terrible. obviously they had two choices. to be burned in flames or to leap and end it all. it was quite tragic. >> let me bring into the
5:37 am
conversation david asman, my colleague. what can you tell us? >> i want to give you some late breaking information, perhaps one of the things that is of greatest fear is that there is yet another terrorist attack since those two plane crashes happened within 20 minutes of each other, all of manhattan has been sealed off. this is probably unpress departmented, of course, all of this is unprecedented in this dastardly occasion. but manhattan has been sealed off. the hudson river bridges and the tunnels have been sealed. clearly there is an attempt right now to thwart any further act of terrorism, act of violence against the people of manhattan. so manhattan is in a lockdown. >> we are hearing right now, another explosion that has taken
5:38 am
place at the pentagon. we have the heart of the financial district of america being attacked. now we understand that there is an explosion, there has been an explosion in the pentagon. the heart of the military command center of the united states of america, john. it can't get much worse than this, let's hope. >> you got to believe that it has happened again, another large airliner, perhaps hijacked, perhaps part of some widespread plan, apparently slamming into at least the area around the pentagon. >> they have not struck at america. they have struck at some individual places in america, but this country will go on. >> i want to go to our
5:39 am
washington managing editor, brit hume, who has the outlook from the capitol. this raises all kinds of questions about america's response and i guess that response is not going to be immediate, is it? >> well, whether it is immediate or not, the one thing i think we are seeing is this series of evacuations from various buildings around washington. i think it's important to say that we don't know and have no reason to believe that the white house, for example, was facing any immediate or imminent threat. the same is true on capitol hill where it appears they will be evacuating the building up here soon. nothing happened in either of those places. this, of course, i think this is one of these days where we can say that things will not again be the same in the united states of america. this is the kind of terrorist attack that is the nightmare that experts and others have warned about, but some of us may have thought really could not happen on such a scale. this is quite remarkable.
5:40 am
>> as we watch these pictures, the world trade center, 110 stories literally starting to fall. >> it's the whole tower! it's gone! holy crap! they knocked the whole freaking thing down! >> i hope i live. i hope i live. it's coming down on me. here it comes. i'm getting behind the car. >> there are people that need help. i don't think i'm one of them. you okay, sir? okay. can i get a toot off your respirator. >> you were inside the building. >> doing what? >> getting ready to go upstairs. all the building collapsed on us. >> how did you get out? >> found our way out. >> what was it like?
5:41 am
>> walked toward the light? >> walked toward the light. >> hello? >> yeah, david lee, what can you tell us? >> john, the scene is horrific of the one of the two towers literally collapsed. i was picking my way to the foot of the world trade center, suddenly while talking to an officer, questioning about my press credentials, we heard a very loud last explosion. we looked up and the building literally began to collapse before us. there was debris falling at least three quarters of the height of the building. people in the entire perimeter began literally, including myself, to run for our lives. >> those steel girders, strong as they are, had a lot of weight to support and apparently i'm -- i'm not a structural engineer, but i'm just guessing now that they gave way. the loss of life here is going to be enormous.
5:42 am
>> may god help those who are there and the victims and their families and all the souls lost today. >> cutanea what you saw, what you heard? you all right? >> yeah. (sirens). >> look at the sky. unbelievable. unbelievable. this poor woman. wow. >> the united 93. united 93, do you still hear cleveland? united 93, united 93. do you hear cleveland? >> 80 miles southwest of pittsburgh, united airlines flight 93 crashed. >> from the size of the impact crater, it would appear the angle of attack had to be straight in. >> i think the pilot downed the plane in a remote area.
5:43 am
this wasn't very many house there is where it went down. i don't know. really -- the whole thing is unbelievable. >> this is clearly a national catastrophe. there will be some response from the white house. let's go to wendell goler who was traveling with the president in sarasota, florida, and find out what the latest is there. wendell? >> the president left sarasota, florida, air force one took off just a short while ago to convene a meeting of his national security advisors, including the vice president, heads of the c.i.a., national security agency, and the f.b.i. and also new york governor pataki. after the two attacks on the twin towers in new york, he was briefed by his national security advisor, condoleeza rice, who phoned him after the first attack. mr. bush was reading to some children when the second attack occurred. chief of staff andy card interrupted him, told him about the attack. it was clear we were dealing with terrorists. >> i want to bring into the
5:44 am
conversation general al hague, the former secretary of state. general hague, at a time like this, how does america respond prudently with the proper amount of caution, and yet with whatever force needs to be applied? >> first, we have to know the full limits of this tragedy and it's unprecedented, of course. but we have to stay above all, united and calm and ready to take resolute action, which sometimes we have failed to do in the recent past. when the perpetrators are uncovered and we have many, many indicators of precisely who they are, this was too broadly based a terrorist act to be just a few crazies. this is a terrorist movement and we know where they've located today. obviously as a nation, we're going to have to take action against them.
5:45 am
>> there it goes! there it goes! there it goes! oh! we do need to put it down now. i think we need to put it down now. here we go. (sirens) >> america, offer a prayer. >> steve: we are live now again here in new york. sometimes you forget about what happened on september 11, 2001. that reminds us all.
5:46 am
>> gretchen: it certainly does. now we're approaching that time where we usually observe the first moment of silence because it happened at 8:46 a.m. eastern time. then we'll hear the reading of the names. let's go live to ground zero. ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave (bell ringing)
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will be forgotten. may god bless your soul. >> my beautiful brother, michael francis lynch. thank you. >> joanne marie. >> gretchen: you know that as they read the names, you can also see them on the bottom of your screen as you continue to watch the ceremony taking place at ground zero. >> trudy m.alagaro. >> andrew alamino. >> margaret ann alario. >> gary m.alvera. >> john albert. >> peter brett haldeman. >> jacqueline delane aldrich frederick. >> david d.alier. >> edward l.alegreko. >> burt allen.
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